Smith of Derby's Creative Approach

Smith of Derby's design and engineering creativity runs through every aspect of our business. We focus single-mindedly on the values at the heart of any commission and work through a simple three-stage process from ‘discovery’ through ‘creativity’ and ‘final delivery’.


In ‘discovery’ we research, fact-find and develop your initial brief to help us devise a clock or timepiece that will be as unique as your project is.  


The 'creativity' phase of the design process follows concepts, drives key themes, tones, style and clarity of the message to be achieved. We work closely with all clients to make sure that every detail is discussed and that the resulting installation of our clocks, kinetic pieces and other timepieces are integrated seamlessly with the overall project.

'Final delivery' is achieved through thorough project coordination and responsive communication. Our process is tried and tested the world over through the many public commissions and exterior clocks installations we've delivered that have constantly and consistently produced outstanding results for our clients.


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