Dial Restoration


Click here to download the Church and Public Clock Dial Restoration Brochure PDF


Dial restoration, either on-site or in our workshop, is the perfect opportunity to return your church clock to its original splendour. As part of our core business for centuries, we are proud to continue with this work for communities.


The preservation and conservation of public clocks is at the heart of our business; we work with the leading church advisors and historians to ensure that all clocks within our care are faithfully restored and cared for.


A dial restoration is the perfect indication and representation that your clock has been restored. Fine weather conditions typically experienced in spring and summer are the ideal time to undertake the work.  Smith of Derby ensures the use of the best quality materials including 23 ½ carat double thickness English gold leaf. Our team of rope access clockmakers have been specifically trained to approach the dials in situ, and at the time of quotation our technical engineer will be able to advise if rope access is applicable.


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