Tower Clocks, Campanile Clocks & Turret Clocks

Tower clocks and turret clocks for clock towers always make a bold statement within any community. Tower clocks are large public exterior clocks mounted in or on a structure with one or more (often four) clock faces. Clock towers are normally either free-standing structures or are incorporated as part of a building such as a church or a town hall. Smith of Derby offer a range of turret and tower clocks for clock towers suitable for interior or exterior use.


Often a building’s crowning glory, turret and tower clocks are frequently a memorable reference point and a familiar feature of any rural or urban skyline.

Smith of Derby have a range of standard tower clocks for installation in existing structures, or can provide a bespoke design service to integrate a new tower or turret clock into almost any setting.  The turret or tower clock mechanisms we supply in these installations are manufactured to our exacting high levels of quality, and can incorporate a number of services such as automatic winding systems and clock control mechanisms to manage issues related to power failure, resetting of the time and automated bell chiming. 

Heritage and restoration projects for tower clocks are a particular specialism of Smith of Derby and we've faithfully restored iconic clocktowers and heritage clocks whilst giving our clients all the advantages of modern clock systems. Our team of clock designers and clock engineers always work to the highest standards of workmanship to bring you the best standards of service.  

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