Church Clock Control Systems

The Smith of Derby Clock Control System keeps your church clock running with incredible accuracy.


The Smith of Derby electronic clock control system keeps your church clock running with incredible accuracy. The time will be automatically adjusted when the clocks go forward or back an hour and power back-up to keep your clock telling the correct time kicks in if there is a mains failure.

Pendulum Regulator

Autowound clocks continue to be affected by variations in temperature, humidity and wind pressure on the clock hands. With the Smith of Derby church clock control regulator system you can enjoy the benefits of automatic timekeeping and still retain the historical integrity of your weight powered clock. The Smith of Derby clock control system can be used with a clock that is not automatically wound and can be used for Church Clocks, Tower Clocks, Turret Clocks and other Public and Exterior Clocks.


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The clock control system compares clock time to ‘real’ time, either quartz controlled or from a satellite GPS signal. It will, if required, move a small weight to make the clock pendulum run slightly faster or slower, enabling the clock to maintain accurate time.

The clock control regulator is conservation approved. The main unit has special clamps which secure it to the pendulum adjacent to the weight.