Church Clock Automatic Winding

The Smith of Derby AW10 church clock automatic winding system eliminates the need for regular handwinding of your church tower clock, turret clock or public clock.


The AW10 church clock automatic winding system, eliminates the need for regular handwinding of your church tower clock, turret clock or other types of public and exterior clocks. Patented and conservation approved.


The AW10 is compact, lightweight and reliable.  It is a fully automatic winding system that can be fitted to most turret clocks.  It is fully computer controlled to handle automatic winding and has user friendly set-up and installation.


The AW10 also addresses access and heavy winding weights H & S issues and reduces driving weight and weightfall requirements for the church clock. A 24 volt fail safe system, it operates when power failures occur to the church clock.



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The AW 10 is the latest version of a product that we have manufactured for over 100 years. It’s designed to power a weight driven clock via the main barrel. This configuration most closely resembles the original weight power source of the clock and it also ensures regular speed of striking and timing.

The AW 10 has its own weight line, weight and pulleys. The set up of the gearing means that sufficient power is generated to power the clock with less weight than when hand wound. This allows the weights of the old system to be set aside.

The new weights rise at frequent intervals so the weight fall height they require is usually within the height of the clock room and the requirement for a separate weight shaft is eliminated. However, as conservation requirements can differ, it is possible to use existing weights and pulleys if necessary.

The unit provides uninterrupted weight power, even during the process of winding. Safety switches guard against overwinding, and the system battery maintains power to the motor in the event of a power failure.

If the power supply is interrupted for a lengthy period, the weights will come to rest safely on the floor until power is restored, when the unit will re-wind.