Burton Town Hall Clock Restoration Complete

"The Council is delighted with the quality of works that have been complete on this historic community asset, ensuring that it is maintained for future generations." - Councillor Liz Staples, Deputy Leader for Corporate Services

Posted on 21 March, 2014 by Smith of Derby.



The East Staffordshire Borough Council, in collaboration with Smith of Derby, is happy to announce that restoration of the Burton upon Trent Town Hall public clock is complete.

As part of a regeneration initiative to enhance and repair the historic, Grade II listed, Town Hall Building the work by Smith of Derby clock restoration team has left the council impressed by the visible improvements to the important community feature. When looking at Phase I, repairs to the main facade of the building, the East Saffordshire Borough Council acknowledged the visual importance of the clock and its symbolic place within the community.

The clock was initially installed by Smith of Derby Ltd. In 1880 as a flat-bed, hand-wound mechanical movement clock with Westminster chimes striking the quarters, operating the bells behind the dials. In 1958, an electric timing mechanism was installed to update the hand-wound system.

With the Town Hall clock again keeping good time, the building will now undergo extensive stone and brick work upgrading along with updates to the windows, rain pipes, and the tiled roof. Smith of Derby clockmakers are honoured to be actively involved with the effort and work of the council in East Staffordshire to ensure that the borough’s heritage is maintained for everbody within the community.

Smith of Derby believes in the 'expression of time.' Through public clock maintenence, heritage clock repair and dial restorationwe preserve time in communities for future generations.  We are the UK leaders with over 150 years of experience.

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