Creativity and innovation

Smith of Derby have worked extensively with talented names from the world of architecture, design and public art bringing world-class horological craftsmanship, art fabrication and kinetic engineering to the projects we've undertaken.


Our creative, architectural, kinetic and art pieces are a different side to our portfolio.  Our creative pieces have been designed to delight, whilst always being produced to the highest standards of quality common to all our projects.

The Coliseum Theatre globe in London, the Hourglass Clock at Burghley House and the Light Clock at the Royal Derby Hospital give a flavour of the diversity of our creativity.  We've produced many more creative pieces around the UK and the world, including sculptural and kinetic installations, zoetropes and a Foucault's Pendulum, proving that there are no limitations to the creativity we can realise for our Clients. 

We've also been working with Clients in the Middle East for over 40 years and have produced many beautiful creative projects including the DNA Creative Timepiece in Saudi Arabia, the world's largest inclined clock in Al-Ain, and the beautifully ornate clock on the Asma Mosque in Oman.

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