The Smith of Derby clock collection

We are pleased to show you our range of clocks, architectural timepieces and kinetic installations, giving you more information about how you can integrate ‘time’ in your next architectural or engineering project when working with our specialist team.  The Islamic Clock, celebrating Salah, is a beautiful and unique piece of time and kinetic precision engineering. The Islamic Clock is available for you to specify in many finishes and sizes to suit your design scheme.

View our other services and products, such as our interior range of reception clocks and timepieces, to take you through a creative journey of securing unique clocks which allow your interior public areas to stand apart with distinction.  We specialise in creating clocks and kinetic precision engineered timepieces in heritage designs as well as creative, high-design precision engineered kinetic art.

Our ‘celebration and gift clock’ range completes our family of products, enabling you to create that unique gift for your special and very personal occasion.  Click on the images to browse more detail and appreciate what you can gain access to at your leisure.

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